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I got off the phone with you folks at like 1pm Monday, and Tuesday at 2 the package is at my door. The instructions are clear, the parts are all there, and 45 minutes later (and I stopped to fetch a beer) I had a functional, good looking rack on my bike. You rock, and I will recommend you to anyone that ever asks me if I know where to buy motorcycle rack stuff. - Curt, Portland, OR

I purchase a rack and pack over a year ago, and just recently added another pack. I just returned from a 2000 miles Spring tour, going from CT to VA and back. I was camping this time, meeting up with about 20 other riders.
This system worked fantastically. I experienced all kinds of weather, from freezing temps to downpours. My gear stayed dry and secure. No more stops on the side of the road to re-secure stuff, as I've done in the past. The rain cover not only kept things dry but it stayed on, all day sometimes.
I cannot be more satisfied. Now back home, I keep the pack on and am using to put my work/commute stuff in, including my laptop.
Highly recommend your gear, its quality is supreme, its functional, and it looks great with the bike.
I am thinking about another bike, and feel secure I'll be able to transfer most of it to my next ride. Thats comforting to know too.
See you on the road sometime.
- Warren, Winsted, CT

Kawasaki 2011 Z1000 L-Bracket and rack fit perfectly - another satisfied customer - good job - thanks!! - Chuck, Livonia, MI

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Click to Read the ATVPT review of the Ventura Tank Bag!! - ATVPT, Montana

Come and see the new GSX 1250 FA with Ventura Luggage!! If it's a "touring edition", does that mean we should call it a "FAT" bike?? - KARNS Performance Suzuki, Mechanicsburg, PA

I had a great trip. The rack worked great. My hard-bagged brethren were even impressed. In particular the rider of the VFR 1200 which has surprisingly small hard bags due to interior contours. I ended up using one bag for me, and another was the packhorse for the other riders' overflow.

And it would not have gone as well without your help.
- Dan, California, USA

Amy: I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Harley pannier frames do fit with the Ventura rack. This was an easy install with no modification necessary.

RE: Harley Davidson XR-1200 Model - Bill, USA

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Hello Amy,
Just thought I'd drop you an email letting you know, I received everything and installed it as well. Everything fit and looked great.
The installation instructions were clear and simple, and I had it on in less then an hour. I am super happy with your companies product, and most of all with your exceptional service. You have earned a lifetime customer, who will brag about your company to everyone i know. I am planning a weekend camping trip to the Florida Keys this weekend
(woohoo) and will have a chance to test it out with my luggage installed. I will update you on how it did. Maybe i'll snap a few photos which you can feel free to use if anyone asks how it looks on an f4i.

Thanks again,
- Mike, Florida

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Just want to drop you line to say thank you for the fast service and the great product you sell !

Not only is this bag functional it looks great too!
- Lynn, WI

Another image of Lynn's BMW - Lynn, WI

Just a note to say thanks for the correspondence and for keeping me up to date with my order's progress.

I'm very happy with my sport rack/pack combination. Just the right size for my rain suit. Installation was quick and painless.
- Jeff, Ontario, Canada

Dear Ventura Company,

I am writing to tell you just how pleased I am with your product – it saved my son & I from injury this weekend. We were riding to Wayne, Nebraska for the Chicken Show on Friday night. About 1 hour into our trip (we took off shortly after my husband installed the rack) the rear sprocket on my 00 Blast broke apart, mangling and ripping everything plastic/fabric/wire in it’s way and halted our trip. We managed to pull off, skidding to the shoulder of the HWY without any harm to our bodies.

Unfortunately, the bike is pretty much totaled, but I did find a replacement Blast on Craigslist, which I’m hoping I can install the rack. However, the L bracket (non-kickstand side) is the piece that really saved my son and I from harm, as you can see in the photos.

Thank you again for making/selling such a well-made product. I can tell you I will recommend your products to everyone!
- Dori, NE, USA

Fabulous product, now I can actually stay overnight! Excellent quality and ease of installation.
- Mike, New Hampshire, USA

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The Ventura stuff is really cool. I like my new toys :) - Jon, USA

Did I tell you I love my pack? Yep. - Doug, USA

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I just received my package. Thanks, that's what I call service. - Bob, CA, USA

"Got the rack put on my KTM 950 Super Enduro R.... Love it. Just what I wanted. BTW...those chip...excellent, think my mouth burned for 1/2 an hour afterwards...." - Bradford, USA

If you've got the August edition of Rider Magazine then you will have seen the fantastic look at Gryyp tire repair products.

If you haven't got your copy yet, read the article here. - Rider Magazine,

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Have been promising you photos of our bikes and well worn packs for some time. First photo is of our sport bikes in SoCal, which was the first use of the packs. Then came the V-Stroms…same packs, different mounts of course. My favorite picture by Devils Tower, which I’ll have to dig up and send later . But here’s one taken on RT66 trip. Then just a couple of us before a long trip. Hope they might make the cut for your website if has a customer photo section. - Roy & Paula, USA

The V-Stroms on Rt. 66 - Roy & Paula, USA

Us with the V-Stroms - Roy & Paula, USA

See Magazine for full text! - RoadBike Magazine, USA

I Love this Rack!! - MM, USA

"Amy - Enclosed is a photograph of your Ventura bag fitted onto my bike - Yamaha FZ1 2010... I love this bag. It is the largest sensibly-sized bag without over-extending itself beyond the side lines of the bike. The telescoping feature is also a benefit when picking up unexpectedly larger loads. Thanks for your product and sale.
- Steve K, Canada

The rack fits as it should, I am very happy. Now I need to take the beautiful bag, pack it and ride somewhere. Thanks again for all your help. - Doug, USA

I already have the large bike rack system but want to order the grab handle for kicking around the city.

I made it from Las Vegas to Los Cabos with no problems using your bike pack system! Thank you!
- Paul, Canada

How pleasant to get an email so nice! You and your company will get all my mail orders in the future. I have 3 motorcycles and my wife has 1. So we buy lots of stuff for them. Please forward this to your supervisor so he may know how satisfied I am with your customer service!!! A++++ this will be the second lens protector I have bought from you and am liking forward to the high quality product,shipping and delivery. Thanks! - Todd, USA

“I received my bag on Friday. Looks great. Thanks so much. PS I was very impressed with the bag the quality is excellent.” - G. Dobson, Canada

"...You made my week. I only wish that others would conduct their businesses the way you do. Amy, you trained your boys well. They did a good job while you were out of the office, answering questions. Thanks." - Kevin S., USA

"Having followed my brother's new Ventura system for 2600 miles and having battled with throw over panniers which scratched my bike I want a Ventura system myself." - I. Moss, USA

"Your pack system has allowed us to carry enough for two to three weeks of travel; they're easy on, easy off making them perfect luggage... the mountings have been easy to install on the bikes; and when we're underway, we hardly know they're there." - E. Friedrichs, USA

"The Ventura Light-guard I ordered from you less than 5 days ago arrived this morning. Please accept my thanks and congratulations in providing a quality product at a reasonable price, but particularly for the rapid service in filling my order." - B. Plows, Canada

"Oh my gosh the new bags are gorgeous!! I love them!! Way more features than on my old ones thank you so much!" - R. Dwyer, USA

"Just a quick note to let you know I really enjoyed using my Ventura bike pack on a recent trip from California to Wisconsin. The system held all I need for riding and camping... With 2 P145's I could have brought a stove and collapsible cooler, which would be everything I would ever need." - C. Roy, CA USA

"...The extra weight in the back makes for great leaning incentive in the twisties... I am beyond pleased with my purchase! I can pack half the house, something for which I used to get chewed out by my male partner when backseat passenger on his motorcycle... These bags take a licking and keep on ticking as demonstrated with my following tales... Our most intimate experience was a strange, but memorable one that proved the toughness and quality of the Ventura luggage mounted on the back of my 2002 SV650S. The luggage withstood about a 30-35 mph crash going through an off-camber left hand into a tight 180 degree right hand turn on Route 50 West VA. ''Difficult Turn" is known by name to those from or who frequent that area of West VA... I am the driver now almost fully recuperated from a crushed left femur. I sustained the injury, the motorcycle was assessed by the insurance company as totaled but, the Ventura luggage and fitments pulled away with only a small bit of road rash.” - L. Wankow, VA USA

"...It doesn't matter if I'm cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway on a weekend trip or taking a simple trip to the store for a loaf of low-carb bread; My Ventura Pack System securely carries my cargo, in a very functional, stylish way. My Ventura system is a conversation piece whenever I encounter other riders along the way. I have received many compliments about its sleek appearance and functional user friendly design. Thanks Ventura, for a great product!" - M. Tyson, NC USA

"I have been riding motorcycles for a very long time, but I have been an asphalt corner searcher since 1998. I wanted a luggage system that would look great, hold allot of stuff, and not scratch my bike. So I did some research on bag & luggage systems for touring and have been happy with the Ventura system... The bags don't impact rider leg room or get burnt up by the exhaust.... The Ventura system has made packing a breeze and I can now take everything I need for any type of weather and when I need to shed clothes I can put them in the pack instead of bungee cords and flopping... Thanks again for the great and easy to use system." - T. Lively, WA USA

"...The Ventura Sport Pack greatly simplified the process of packing, loading, and unloading the bike. I traveled literally thousands of miles with the pack on the back... The Pack Rack easily allowed me to carry the tent, sleeping bag, mattress, and a camping chair. Since then I've told everyone that, except for the camping part, I could travel across the country on that Ninja with only a tank bag and the large 45-liter Ventura pack... A month ago I bought a new Ducati 999 Monoposto... Some might think a Ventura system doesn't match the image of a Ducati 999. I can only think these are people who would trailer the bike to a track day, and that's the only time it would be ridden... I've gotten used to the comfort, convenience and security of having a Ventura system. It's a wonderful product!" - S. Frankiewich, CA USA

"...As crazy as it sounds a comparison list was made on excel and both were judged against the criteria. Given the last 'criteria', cost was obviously not considered. Without actually trying the product we ordered the Ventura pack...The install was as instructed, quick and simple. The attaching of the pack to the rack is easier than swinging my leg over the bike... We embarked on a 2 day 650km trip to test out the new equipment. Mom was happy, need I say more? Next we took off for 5 days, 1200km. We were able to store enough in the pack for 5 days with no problem... The Ventura Pack System was completely invisible to me the driver and mom the passenger as it should be. As it turned out, the Ventura system was not the most expensive, but by FAR the very best product choice. The Ventura Pack System has exceeded our expectations, therefore transforming our single day rides into multi day adventures. Oh, incase I didn't mentions it, everyone is happy. Thanks, and Good Job Ventura." - K. Jones, ON Canada

"...People said I need to find a luggage rack, because my bike is also my main commuting vehicle. 70% of my decision is function, and 30% is style, and I have to say, you folks Rock! Your product kicks some serious tail. It allowed me to pack enough stuff for a weeklong trip down the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. You allow me to keep the clean lines of the Buell, and not mess with the handling of the bike. Your product never broke, bent, scratched, or messed with my bike... Seriously, you make a great product, and I will continue to tell all my friends who own sport bikes to buy this product." - E. Gruber, MA USA

"The new system I just purchased worked flawlessly. You offer an outstanding product! Thanks for everything." - T. Dunlap, USA