The Worlds Leading Bike-Pack System

The Ventura Bike-Pack System is one of the most flexible, adaptable and versatile bike pack systems in the world. Our flexible design, manufacturing and testing systems have allowed us to keep up with these changes and to produce Custom-Made accessories that suit, fit and greatly enhance the functionality of your particular model bike.

Fits Thousands Of Models Of Bike

The Bike-Pack system fits well over 2000 models, from rare gems to commuter motorcycles. The massive catalogue fits Yamaha, Erik Buell Racing, and Triumph to name few. Our fitments date back to the 1970s, so if you have a classic Honda, Norton, Ducati, Suzuki, or some other machine, odds are we’ll have a fitment.

The Bike-Pack system is made up of L-Brackets which attach to your bike, a chosen Pack-Rack and then the packs you want to use. Check out our system information page for a more info.

Huge Range of Packs & Bags

Once the Ventura Bike-Pack system has been installed you have a multitude of packs and bags to choose from, in a range of different sizes.

Perfectly Fit Your Bike

The Ventura Bike-Pack System is like no other and will perfectly fit your bike. No need for straps, ropes or magnets, the Ventura Bike-Pack System is custom designed to fit your bike and make it easy for you to attach or detach your luggage. You will have the peace of mind your luggage is secured on your bike for short rides or long.

Find Out More About How The Ventura Bike Pack System Is Different From The Rest

Choose YOUR BIKE-PACK System

The Ventura Bike-Pack System actually complements the handling and good looks of your motorcycle.

The Ventura Bike-Pack System is an individually engineered motorcycle luggage system that consistes of all the parts listed below. It is designed to suit the requirements of different models to ensure there is no load shift whether riding solo or with a passenger. Because the load is positioned behind rather than to the sides, the rider has greater manoeuvrability in traffic and less wind resistance on the open road.


All L-Brackets are individually designed and custom-made for your motorcycle model to complement rather than detract from it's stylish looks.

Click here to find the fitment for your bike.


The Pack-Rack slots into the L-Bracket sockets and is locked securely in place by two key operated locking devices. The Pack-Rack supports the pack in such a way that no load shift is possible.


The Sport-Rack is designed for around town use and is interchangeable with the Pack-Rack in seconds. The Sport-Pack has been designed exclusively for use with this rack. The rack also doubles as a grab rail for your passenger.

Top-Box Rack

We have developed a special Top Box Rack that can be easily fitted to our existing VENTURA Bike-Pack System.

The mounting plate that is supplied with our VENTURA top box fits to this carrier. Four M6 Allen head bolts, spring washers and flat washers are supplied to secure the mounting plate to the Top Box Rack. A separate fitting kit is supplied with the Top Box for universal fitting to other racks.


When you don't need to carry luggage why not use the Ventura system to provide some extra peace of mind for your passenger? The Grab-Handle can be slotted and secured into the L-Brackets in seconds providing a sturdy hand hold for your passenger. It looks stylish too!


A family of five different models of motorcycle packs are available for you to choose from. From high capacity motorcycle touring packs to round town or day packs there is one to suit your application.

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Ventura Bike-Pack Systems are individually engineered and Custom-Made to suit the differing requirements of all motorcycle models.

Check out the video below for information about our Ventura Bike-Pack System.


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