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VENTURA Bike-Pack System and VENTURA Products

“It’s not where you are going. . . . It’s how you get there”

Ventura Bike-Pack Systems are individually engineered and Custom-Made to suit the differing requirements of all motorcycle models. This ensures there is no load shift whether riding solo or with a passenger. Positioning the load behind, rather than to the sides, the rider has greater manoeuvrability in traffic and less wind resistance on the open road.

The great thing about the VENTURA Bike-Pack System is its versatility. The system allows you to use your sports, naked or off-road bike for touring, or easily convert for city commuting, or back to a simple Grab Handle in seconds. View our video for more information.

We have been making this system since the mid seventies, 30 years on we still manufacture systems for bikes from that period! Any Bike-Pack System we have made remains available today and we manufacture systems for over 1800 different models.

Buy your VENTURA Bike-Pack System kit below, or check out the full range of VENTURA products by clicking the “Products” button above.


Gryyp Emergency Tire Repair Products


Ever wanted to say that? Well now you can say it and mean it!
Punctures Happen and the roadside is a dangerous place.
Why wait for assistance if you get a flat tire, here Emergency Tire Repair is made easy.

Be prepared, get a Cargol tubeless puncture repair kit right now for all your vehicles. Get off the shoulder faster and safely back on the road again with Cargol "Turn & GO".

Gryyp are the leaders in emergency roadside puncture repair equipment for motorcycles, scooters, cars, SUVs and light commercials. Gryyp provide a fantastic range of emergency puncture repair kits, including the amazing Cargol "Turn & GO".

Cargol Turn & GO" is the only way to repair a roadside puncture in a tubeless tire with no tools, no mess and no skills, in less than 30 seconds. So simple to use, the system is particularly reassuring for women and men who are not mechanically minded, view our video and see Tire repair made easy.

Get going faster, safer, with Cargol “Turn & GO”.


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